About Us

  • March 20, 2015
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The Community HUB believes…

…that society (both the public and private sector) must truly invest in communities in order to engender sustainable national change

…that communities must be provided with cutting edge yet relevant resources – human and capital – for the best results in the shortest time frames

…that by edifying the individual we can transform communities

The Community HUB…

H – Hope:

  • The letting go of fear
  • The resilience to deal with adversity
  • The ability to tap into the power of a network

U – Understanding:

  • The movement from ignorance to enlightenment
  • Historical grounding as well as current and future perspective
  • Capturing our identity as a people, as distinct from other cultural identities

B – Belief:

  • The tenacity to critique the status quo
  • The boldness to create new concepts of “wealth”; and to experience wealth more abundantly
  • Understanding our true identity as children of God
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