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HUB Projects

AgriHak Workshop 11052018 by NR (64)

Pitch AgriHack Workshop

Pitch AgriHack is part of the AgriHack Talent initiative of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and aims at accelerating e-agriculture entrepreneursh

Computer Session

The AgriHack Talent Caribbean Competition

Agri-Hack Talent Caribbean is an initiative which aims to promote youth involvement in agriculture by challenging young persons to build innovative ICT applications to service the


Website Building for Schools

This programme was borne out of the discovery that, notwithstanding rapid technological advancement, many schools in Trinidad and Tobago do not own a website 율리시스. The “W


HUB Gallery

Photos from Past Workshops and Graduation Ceremonies

  • Kris Adams

    Kris Adams

    Past Participant of the ICT Skills Building Programme and Current HUB Junior Member,

    fix it 다운로드 “In the HUB program, I love what I’m learning, we have the best teachers and I take much responsibility in it [the ICT programme] because it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life” 퀴어영화 나비. Pre-vector

  • _AR_0266

    ICT Skills Building Programme (2014) Testimonials

    Parents, Teachers, and Stakeholders Feedback,

    다음 팟 인코더 구버전 Positive comments from parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the audience were in abundance. Inspired by the events of the evening, a representative of the Guardian Life, Dexter George Agency, spontaneously presented a cheque to the Chairman of the Community HUB Corporation to demonstrate the Agency’s support for the continued work

  • Shenille Jack

    Shenille Jack

    Past Participant of the eCycle Workshop,

    logsession.dll “My experience at the Community HUB was just plainly amazing. I experienced new stuff, I learnt a lot of new things and I’m just happy for it and I’m grateful.”   피터래빗 더빙 hook apk Download Final Cut for free paros proxy

Donors of HUB


The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)


Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago


Fujitsu Caribbean



Columbus Communications Trinidad Ltd. (FLOW)