• March 24, 2015

Our educational technology-based programmes, (video, animation and digital media, web, and mobile), entrepreneurship training and environmental awareness interventions, empower youth and bring together communities.  Programs are developed on the basis of observed and studied needs of youth and society, and participants are provided with stimulating material which will steer them in positive directions Download the next encoding. The target group of the HUB model is underserved youth in general, including marginalized communities and those groups that may be underrepresented.

Why Technology, Entrepreneurship and the Environment delphi files?


“While technology has the potential to act as a great leveler, it can also be a dramatic amplifier of inequality”

Our model embraces technology with its positive possibilities, as a key pillar on which our programming and future growth will rest.We recognize that technology plays an increasingly large role as a platform for artistic expression, as a medium of information exchange, economic advancement, as well as for environmental stewardship GOAL 3 다운로드. Further, we believe that access to and capacity in technology is an important way in which underserved communities previously marginalized by the current societal dynamic, might better participate in public life and democracy autodesk inventor 다운로드.


Even when public access to the internet is not a barrier, there are social and cultural structures that prevent people from exploiting the opportunities presented by new technology Download the yummy guys guys. The ability to maximize access many times depending on the assets that the user comes to the interaction with– education, family, socialization patterns, social networks, peers and occupational experiences aloha browser videos.

A report from an employer’s survey reveals:

dissatisfaction with young job holders is not primarily due to inadequate technical knowledge and skill but rather the non-technical, employability skills, categorized here as higher-order thinking skills such as problem solving and decision-making, and social skills such as dependability, positive attitude and cooperativeness”

All HUB programs foster collaboration, teamwork, organization and time-management skills among participants Download hanyoung Bible. Programs are fashioned in collaboration with industry and result in a greater appreciation of the interdependency among themselves as participants, the community and the environment 리얼플레이어 다운로드. The programs engage participants in working teams, provide professionals as mentors and facilitate the exhibition of participants’ work to the wider business and national community 인터넷 팟캐스트.


Particularly within the vulnerable Caribbean, where susceptibility to environmental events has resulted in catastrophic damages and multi-generational losses, there is a need to ensure that we not only educate our youth regarding these issues, but also provide them with the necessary skills to take a proactive role in environmental protection, mitigation and sustainability 죠죠의 기묘한 모험 7부.

A reputed environmental psychologist stated:

“The environmental crisis is an outward manifestation of a crisis of mind and spirit”

Lynton K Caldwell, quoted in D. Du Nan Winter & S.M. Koeger, 2004, p.1.