• March 18, 2015

If we define a healthy society / community as one which provides adequate avenues for self expression, vibrant communication among its members and with the larger global village; one filled with members who are well-trained in the skills needed to both sustain themselves and the community which they serve, then we believe that the vision which the HUB has adopted and can pilot on behalf of its target communities, may well be a more than worthwhile endeavor Download Pokémon Ultramun.

In attempting to address issues of the ‘digital divide’, most public policy attention centers around ensuring access to new technology, but these policies generally stop short of addressing how such access is to result in the presumed goals of social good 학사검전.

The work of promoting social good and creating social change involves educating people about their own interests, and about how those interests are protected or threatened by the external environment Download Tong Memories 2. With this approach, people (esp. young people) may be encouraged to learn to use the technology for the goals of skill and employment enhancement, but they may also learn to make connections between their individual interests and their larger current environmental, societal and economic situations such that they can be motivated to contribute to positive change backstep.

The HUB model focuses on four key areas:

  • Arts
  • Technology
  • Enterprise, and
  • The Environment

At the Community HUB, youth will be provided with creative thinking tools through the arts, enterprise programming, environmental awareness and technological support, to design and eventually help create an enhanced civic environment in which to live computer long-term games. Programs will be developed on the basis of observed and studied needs of youth and society especially in Caribbean Region, and youth will be provided with stimulating material which will engage them in positive directions 또 오해영 6회.

An inspiring and positive learning environment, which promotes youth as the drivers of change will facilitate a positive transformation of our society 넛잡2 다운로드. The HUB believes that attractive and well-equipped learning centres, staffed with skilled and compassionate facilitators will give participants a sense of well- being and respect Cinderella Dubbing. To this they will respond with a positive attitude, through enhanced feelings of self worth and ultimately higher levels of performance.

All HUB centres should exhibit the following qualities:

  • Strong leadership
  • Grounding in community strengths and needs
  • Respect for the people served
  • Broad inclusiveness and diversity
  • Support for existing community institutions and community partnerships
  • Generous amounts of time spent on planning and thorough design of program activities
  • Well trained staff and volunteers
  • Thoughtful up-to-date curriculum
  • Inviting physical facilities
  • Expert support
  • Commitment to an evaluation program

Community HUB Corporation Profile