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  • October 3, 2014
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Media Publicity
Through our partners in the media the HUB has featured several times on popular television morning shows, radio programmes, daily news print and in newsfeeds of our partner websites 인디자인 cs5. Some items of our recent media publicity is given as follows:

Trinidad Guardian Newspaper, Nov 23rd 2014 
• First Up, CNMG Nov 10th 2014 – AgriHack
• i95.5 SHOWDOWN, Sept 28th 2014 – AgriHack
Trinidad Express Newspaper, Sept 21st 2014 – AgriHack
Bajan Reporter, Sept 14th 2014 – AgriHack
Government Information Services Ltd(GISL), Sept 2014 – AgriHack
First Up, CNMG Apr 2nd 2014 
Trinidad & Tobago Newsday Newspaper, Feb 4th 2014 – Website Building for Schools
Trinidad Express Newspaper, Oct 4th 2012 – eWaste
• CNews 7pm newscast, Aug 3rd 2012 – eWaste: Community HUB interview with Dr 윈도우 7 한글 64 비트 iso. Rupert Griffith, Minister of Science & Technology