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ICT & Agriculture

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  • Trinidad
  •  October 5, 2015   — December 18, 2015
  • 08:00 am — 04:00 am

In many ACP countries, youth constitute a large portion of the citizenry. More than 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture; yet, youth involvement in the sector remains astonishingly low, while unemployment among youth remains consistently high across the ACP block[1] 몽키3뮤직 다운로드.

Factors which contribute to this reality include:

  1. A lack of understanding of the role that ICTs can play within the industry, to increase youth involvement as well as the productivity and dynamism within the sector Download The Infinite Challenge Eater.
  2. An insufficient emphasis on translating agriculture issues, policy and research into formats and language which are understandable and engaging to youth (as well as other stakeholders along the agricultural value chain) Download New SuperMario Bros. 2.
  3. Insufficient research and sharing of best practices with regard to the use of ICT to empower youth and communities engaged in agriculture – causing them to use the technology to solve / alleviate real and pressing problems within the sector heif 이미지 확장 다운로드.

This project aims to close the participation gap as it relates to youth in agriculture, by using exciting ICT tools and media as a portal to raise interest and awareness in the agricultural value chain 쉬프트. This will be achieved by:

  1. Conducting research into use of ICT to empower youth and communities – particularly as it relates to the advancement of agriculture;
  2. Developing programs to train and nurture 100 young people across the Region , in the modalities of content production;
  3. Developing high quality, re-usable online content artefacts which are a translation of selected agriculture policy frameworks, into audio (e.g Download The Rice Cake Train. pod casts), visual (e.g. screen casts) and audio visual (e.g. videos) online content forms; This activity will focus particularly on matters such as making farms “climate smart”, as well as other pressing issues in the Caribbean agricultural sector 냠냠냠 다운로드.

The budget for this exercise is estimated at USD 50,000. We are looking for support in cash or in kind to successfully execute this programme of activities 리플레이j 다운로드.

Anchor sponsors will be those who contribute a minimum value of USD25,000 toward the project, 75% of which (USD18,750) must be in cash.

[1] http://ardyis.cta.int/en/resources/publications/item/96-a-call-for-stronger-support-for-youth-involvement-in-agriculture-and-ict-communiqué